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ቅዳህ ትግርኛ

The president, sometimes derogatorily referred to as “ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት” (the idiot or the imbecile president), has garnered attention by publicly portraying himself as a hardworking day laborer, notably at the Adi Halo Dam. This image is widely disseminated through television and social media platforms like Facebook, seemingly to highlight his diligence. This dual role raises concerns about his ability to effectively govern while also symbolically participating in manual labor.

Opinions on this are mixed. While some commend his willingness to engage in physical work, suggesting it portrays a hands-on leadership style, others argue that the country needs a leader who is more focused on administrative responsibilities—someone who listens to the populace, adheres to the constitution and represents Eritrea both domestically and internationally.

There’s a sentiment that the president might achieve more success and possibly rectify past missteps if he fully embraced a simpler role rather than the presidency. However, the prevailing desire among many is for a transformative leader who can steer the nation forward effectively.

Ironically, he has relocated his office to Adi Halo, inviting visitors to join him there, often for photo opportunities, which underscores his approach to public relations. This move symbolizes his unique blend of leadership and labor but also sparks debate about the efficacy and symbolism of such actions in the broader context of national governance and development.

ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት፣


ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት፣

The perplexing question raised by observers is, “Why are there no laborers in Eritrea? Why does the President undertake the tasks of a day laborer?” This leads to broader concerns about the lack of progress in the country over the past 30 years. One reason might be the president’s pervasive involvement in various tasks for public relations purposes. Consequently, media reports often highlight that the president is too occupied, while the nation grapples with governance issues and a significant exodus of its youth. Faced with these challenges, the president opts to be portrayed as a diligent laborer rather than as an ineffective leader.

To illustrate the complexities of construction work, consider the specialized knowledge required for building infrastructure like dams or reservoirs. Constructing such structures is not merely about using large quantities of concrete or erecting robust foundations and columns. It involves intricate planning and understanding, often beyond the grasp of a layperson and challenging even for professionals. For instance, designing a reservoir necessitates knowledge of the user base, calculations of necessary water volume, pipe sizing, tank height, water pressure, wall thickness, and other critical elements. Moreover, considerations such as water residency in the tank are vital; water that remains for more than three days can breed bacteria, rendering it unsafe.

Take the Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia as an example. Despite the presence of skilled local engineers, the project was entrusted to the experienced contractor Salini to ensure meticulous execution and structural integrity. Similarly, in Eritrea, engaging in such technical and large-scale projects without relevant expertise is not only impractical but also counterproductive. Despite his long tenure, the president’s inability to meet the populace’s expectations and his involvement in activities for which he lacks expertise has led many to view him as more of a symbolic figure than an effective leader.



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