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When an Idiot President gives lectures at the Kenyan summit, as he did in Eritrea and Russia

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የአማርኛው ትርጉም

Isaias revealed his true persona at the Kenyan summit, as he typically does within Eritrea (see this video). He perceives himself as singularly knowledgeable, unaware that other leaders recognize the exodus of Eritreans under his rule, driven by his misguided policies.

His approach combines arrogance with a lack of awareness of critical social issues, compounded by a limited formal education that only reached high school. Despite his public facade as a well-informed leader, he seldom listens to his advisors and views the world through a narrow lens, seeing himself perpetually as a victor in a solo marathon.

Only recently, through international media exposure, it has become apparent that his knowledge is superficial, derived informally from conversations with friends and colleagues. His misinformed statements and decisions have earned him a reputation for incompetence.

At the summit, his resistance to the idea of private enterprise stood out. He argued stubbornly against privatization, insisting that the only path to freedom lies through government control, even disrupting the summit’s agenda to press his points. This behavior showcased his excuses for poor leadership and the detrimental impact he has had on Eritrea and its people.

His speech starkly contrasted with the understanding of other dignitaries who, while knowledgeable, choose not to claim omniscience. This incident highlighted his reluctance to acknowledge and embrace diverse viewpoints, unlike his peers who appreciate the benefits of differing perspectives.

Comparing the efficacy of government and private sector organizations in service delivery, it is evident that private entities often perform better. Government agencies, such as those issuing driver’s licenses, may be plagued by inefficiencies and a lack of accountability, potentially leading to dire consequences on the roads. In contrast, private organizations tend to prioritize their reputation and service quality, as their continued operation depends on public trust and regulatory approval.

Experience consistently shows that private enterprises generally offer superior services compared to government-run institutions, which are often hindered by bureaucratic inertia and lack of innovation. Isaias’s disdain for private initiatives under his regime has forced many Eritrean investors into exile, undermining the country’s economic potential and exemplifying his flawed leadership approach.



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