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ቅዳህ ትግርኛ

The young woman interviewed in the video above speaks fluent English, which means she is well-educated and better equipped than Isayas, however, she is not anywhere at higher posts in the HIGDEF circles or she may have been a victim and she is no longer among us. However, even though he wasn’t well equipped to be a leader, Isaiah became a leader at a time when no one thought of leadership. One can see that he was not a smart young man at that time. He said in his interview “There are some opportunistic and adventuristic tendencies”. It would have been preferable for him to say it in Tigrigna rather than with his broken English. It is regrettable that this man became president of Eritrea and caused unimaginable horrors to Eritreans. One can say by implication, that the fighters who were with him in the beginning were all incompetent people, without their weakness, he wouldn’t have had a chance to be a leader.

Isayas was an informed person at the moment he joined the freedom struggle. If he was like that at that time, what could have made him a well-informed person as he lived in a war zone where there were not many facilities, no food, no books, and no inducement to read? Moreover, he was equally busy devising strategies on how to kill those who were capable of leading and those who were better informed than him. His unstable brain doesn’t give him time to read a book either. Consequently, he remains an ill-informed and arrogant dictator still today.

One day, in his interviews on Er TV, Isaias stated: “The knowledge of management is easy to learn if you have the desire”. He added: “Even if we have no formal training, we had managed the war and many other things at Nakfa.” “This doesn’t require any particular skills,” he added. He is illiterate and lacks knowledge to the point where he openly and shamelessly talks about his stupidity in public.

The only knowledge he has:

Isayas knows how to use the words of his ancestors: ” ንሃማሼናይ እንዳ መሃልካ፣ ንዶርሆ ጥረ እንደሃብካ ትብል ምስላ ጽቡቅ ጌሩ እጽኒኡዋስ፣ አጸቢቁ ይጥቀመላ አሎ።»



አዳዲስ ጽሁፎች እንዲደርስዎ ይመዝገቡ

የንግድ ማስታወቂያዎችን አንልክም ።

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