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When an Idiot President gives lectures at the Kenyan summit, as he did in Eritrea and Russia

ንቅዳሕ ትግርኛ አብዚ ጠዉቅ

የአማርኛው ትርጉም

Isaias showed his true face at the Kenyan summit, just as he does in Eritrea (see this video). He likes to think that he is the only one with a lot of knowledge. Little does he know that the presidents at the summit know that Eritreans are fleeing their country in record numbers because of his misguided ideologies.

He is arrogant and ignorant or uninformed about many social issues because he only completed high school. He has a narrow perspective on many issues, even if he doesn’t like to admit it. He doesn’t even like to listen to his advisors. He presents himself as a well-informed man in front of prime ministers and presidents. His world is like a one-man marathon course, and he is always a winner.

Only recently did he reveal himself to the international media and everyone was starting to know that he has no in-depth knowledge of anything else. He simply throws away what he has collected informally from his friends and a few colleagues. He’s a complete idiot.

At the summit, he was seen opposing the concept of private institutions and asserted that the only path to freedom is through government control. He’s a controlling maniac. He said “We have to focus, we have to focus, okay”, he said this in the climate summit agenda, and he even didn’t respect the agenda of the summit. When he gets a chance to speak, he tends to present his excuses for his poor leadership and the damage he has caused to Eritrea and Eritreans. His very arrogant nature makes him stubborn and continues to make mistakes upon mistakes. He does not know how to listen and learn from others. He is known in Eritrea for systematically killing or imprisoning his opponents, simply because they have a different point of view similar to the summiteers in the Kenyan summit do have different perspectives.

It is astonishing to hear his speech rejecting the idea of privatization in front of these nobles who know a lot of issues but who do not want to speak like him because they do not need to pretend that they know everything.

Let’s see how an organization functions in the private sector and in the government sector to provide better service to societies. After all, institutions are there to provide a good service to society, hence it is good to measure their fruitfulness by their services.

Let’s see the following example:

A government driver’s license certification office may have many employees who work for the government, and even if they receive salaries, most of them do not care much whether the certificate is issued in the correct way or not. Some staff members may be concerned about how certification is delivered, but others only care about personal benefits. Thus, the certificate may be given to an incompetent driver simply for the wrong reason. As a result, numerous damages and accidents can occur on the road. No one takes responsibility, but the government. However, as it is known, many governments are irresponsible in their actions and deny their responsibilities. The Eritrean government is known for denying and avoiding its responsibilities and outsourcing them to foreign entities.

But if we consider a private organization, most of them care about the name of the organization and they take serious control so as not to lose the trust of the government or citizens. If they do it poorly and many accidents occur due to their incompetence, then they will lose the trust of many and be replaced with another one. Therefore, a private organization tends to provide a much better service than the government simply because it cares about its reputation, or because some of them are there to provide the right service, some may be passionate and hence like to give the best service as they can.

In addition, experience has shown from time to time that private organizations do indeed provide better services than government. Furthermore, the government collects taxes and therefore benefits from the presence of private investors. However, Isayas only likes to be in control, and he does not like private organizations to thrive under his leadership. Therefore, Eritrean investors live in exile, mostly in other African countries. That’s how stupid he is.



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