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The Eritrean government has power over asylum seekers in Europe thanks to its spy network,especially the interpreters

ትርጉም ትግርኛ
ትርጉም አማርኛ
Translation française

It is increasingly evident that the crimes of the Eritrean government are being exposed across Europe, leading to a clearer understanding of the Eritrean situation than ever before. Nonetheless, it is disheartening to see the lack of early engagement from European authorities, which could have spared many refugees from suffering. This oversight represents a significant failure of European immigration offices to protect these individuals from the Eritrean government’s espionage activities conducted on their soil.

The primary culprits are often Eritrean interpreters, who, along with other members of the Eritrean spy network in Europe, have long undermined the lives of honest asylum seekers. Despite this issue being known for many years, little has been done to address it.

In a manipulative display, the Eritrean government has even orchestrated visits for certain members of the European Parliament to Eritrea. Some parliamentarians were swayed by this deception and subsequently advocated against Eritrean refugees. This theatrical manipulation, however, masks a more sinister reality. The Eritrean government benefits financially from the existence of refugees, who serve as a significant source of foreign currency. This is due to a dual strategy of dispatching spies among the refugees and capitalizing on remittances sent back to Eritrea, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

Upon arriving in Europe, these refugees face a coercive environment where Eritrean government agents, who have long been established in Europe, facilitate employment for pro-government refugees through their networks. Conversely, they actively work to undermine those who oppose the government, going so far as to cause job losses and prevent employment opportunities. Thus, many Eritrean refugees find themselves compelled to support the government out of sheer necessity to survive in Europe, lest they fall victim to the extensive sabotage perpetrated by the Eritrean government’s spy network.

Moreover, every Eritrean refugee is closely monitored by the government’s spies who report back to their superiors in Eritrea. For example, if a refugee who opposes the government secures employment, spies will infiltrate the workplace to orchestrate their dismissal through sabotage and bribery. This vile conspiracy remains one of the government’s most despicable acts.

Complicity in these crimes is often not a matter of loyalty but coercion. Eritrean emissaries, manipulated through various tactics including exploitation of vulnerabilities, greed, or outright threats, are forced to support the government. Many long-term Eritrean immigrants in Europe are lured by the prospect of inexpensive land or property investments in Eritrea, only for these investments to be leveraged later by the government to coerce them into compliance. Others may act under duress to protect family members back home.

It is crucial to recognize that those who support the Eritrean government’s malicious activities often do so not out of allegiance but coercion, with few exceptions. The government offers nothing genuinely appealing to garner voluntary support.

The complexity of this situation is often misunderstood by Europeans, resulting in continued challenges for honest Eritrean refugees.

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