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The Miniwalew President Part 2

Isaias Afwerki has no formal education, he has never taken formal courses such as management, economics, civics, or other courses that make him qualified to lead a group of people or interact effectively with them. He only speaks English and Arabic, which he learned from his colleagues, and because he lived for many years in Sudan as well. It is better to say that the language itself was forced into his brain, rather than that he learned it. This does not indicate that he has leadership qualities or other professional skills. He is not smart enough to study anything else, because he is arrogant. He is incapable of learning and listening to others. If he had been an intelligent and competent person, he could have learned a language like Amharic while living and studying in Dessie, Ethiopia during his high school years, but he did not. Even after independence, people like Prime Minister Meles Zenawi humbled themselves and studied in universities. He was not eager to study because he did not have the kind of mind to learn more. He has a kind of non-flexible mind.

It’s common to see less educated people think they know everything or are better than everyone else until they are faced with a real challenge. This is also the case with Isayas.

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Watching his previous videos when he spoke, and reading what he wrote during the fighting era, it is easy to understand from those videos that he was not a smart person. Go back and see those videos. His stupidities are there for all to see.

He became a leader by default, as he was part of the first group of fighters who started the fight, and later, thanks to his position, he had the chance to kill those competent colleagues. During the rest of his 30 years of struggle, he spent all his years plotting to kill his opponents, strategizing to remain at the head of the party and killing those who were capable of being elected and able to lead the party. He never had time to read books. For this reason, it can be said, that he could not acquire enough knowledge to lead a country.

His deliberate real-life theatrics and deceptive information center (03) spread a lie to those ordinary innocent fighters as if he was a competent and genius person, despite being a stupid high school graduate, who lived through all his life with drama.

If you observed during Kenyan President William Ruto’s visit to Asmara, he deliberately had actors come on the road to call him and say out loud, “We love you Isayas Afwerki!” and so on. His whole life was marked by this kind of drama. Know that he doesn’t know anything else about leadership, he is incompetent. The reason he is hiding in those dam constructions and other projects is that he does not have the know-how to lead and manage a country. He cannot even delegate a responsible person to accomplish a task.

The Eritrean people in general and young Eritreans in particular, are being denied real information and the competence of the President, by spreading false and misleading information through his espionage and rumor spreading centers and preventing young citizens from studying in higher education centers, or even above 8th-grade class so that he can later maneuver them and use them for his nefarious agenda.



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