The Eritrean government has power over asylum seekers in Europe thanks to its spy network,especially the interpreters

ትርጉም ትግርኛ
ትርጉም አማርኛ
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It is great to hear that the crime of the Eritrean government in Europe is now being exposed everywhere. Things are changing and the Eritrean situation is better clarified than before. However, it is surprising not to see these things coming from the European side. Maybe they could have helped many refugees if they had paid attention to these things from the very beginning. It is a failure of the European immigration offices for not protecting them from the Eritrean government’s spy ring that took place in their own sovereign country.

In fact, the culprits are the Eritrean interpreters, not only them but also many other members of the Eritrean spying communities in Europe. For so long they have been destroying the life of an honest asylum seeker. This information had been out many years ago, although nothing had been done in this regard.

We have seen theatrical productions in all times and places. The Eritrean government had invited certain members of the European Parliament to visit Eritrea. Finally, some invited parliamentarians believed the Eritrean government’s theater and demanded action against the Eritrean refugees.

Although the government did that drama, it was a crocodile tears, The Eritrean government wants the refugees to exist because it is taking advantage of the refugees. They are a source of foreign currency for the country. The government could not look for other ways to acquire foreign exchange. This shows that the leaders of the Eritrean government are using their citizens as a generator of money to continue and maintain their status. The reason why the Eritrean government sends more refugees is because it allows them to send their spies mixing with refugees and additionally refugees are also a source of money. They kill two birds with one stone. They collect foreign currency and use spies to frustrate their adversaries. Refugees are a source of remittances, and therefore a source of survival.

Once arriving in Europe, refugees are forced to support the government, as government spies (Eritrean government stooges) who have resided in Europe for a long time help pro-government refugees find work through their connections and networks. On the other hand, they do the opposite, they do everything they can to make those who oppose the government lose their jobs or prevent them from getting one. Therefore, many Eritrean refugees are forced to support the government to survive in Europe as well. Otherwise, they will suffer from the numerous sabotages of the Eritrean government’s spying network. Obtaining a residence permit and finding employment in Europe is supported through government networks, interpreters, and other long-term resident networks.

Another heinous act of the government is to track every Eritrean refugee through its spy network, investigate, and report the information to their boss here or in Eritrea. For example, if an Eritrean immigrant who opposes the government gets a job, they will silently monitor the workplace and the organization, then by sabotaging and paying bribes, they will do whatever they can to make him lose his job. This is the most disgusting and hidden conspiracy of the Eritrean government.

Eritrean emissaries who participate in this crime alongside the government are also forced to participate in favor of the government through different mechanisms and decoy tactics. Some are used because of their weakness, others because of greed, and still others through coercion and threat.

Most Eritrean immigrants who have been living in Europe for more than 30 years are attracted to buying cheap land or apartments to invest in Eritrea, and after a few years, these same investments are used by the government to force these people to work in favor of the government. Some, however, may have family members who may be at risk and are therefore compelled to follow government orders. Therefore, anyone who participates in the evil work of the Eritrean government supports that it is not because they love the Gov of Eritrea but  they are forced to do so, except for some fools. The Eritrean government has nothing good that attracts people so that they can extend their support.

Europeans do not understand this, hence the difficulties of honest Eritrean refugees still exists .

Divora (Pen name)


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