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ቅዳህ ትግርኛ

ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት፣ (others call him also the idiot or the imbecile president )

Someone said, our president is crazy, he photographed himself and videotaped working as a day laborer at Adi Halo Dam, and he tries to let us know how hardworking he is by posting his pictures on TV and Facebook. He also raised the question of how he could run the country with two shifts being as a day laborer and as president.

ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት፣

Here is what we think, we are very happy to see that he is a good laborer, as we saw him in the above image. We believe that if he continues in this profession, he will bring better results to the country. He’ll probably compensate for all the damage he caused during his terms as president.

Our desire, however, is to have a real president, a leader who sits in office and listens to the people, implements the constitution, represents the country, and governs and leads the country in style. We would be better off finding another alternative, we believe. We wish Isaiah the best of luck, in his old age, for finding the time to do his favorite day job, his equivalent or competence.

He has moved his office to Adi Halo and usually, he asks his guests to show up there. He asks visitors to take selfies with him so the public relations work can be done perfectly.

ምኒዋሌው ፕረሲደንት፣

The strange thing is, what do these guests ask? “Are there no laborers in Eritrea? Why does the President do the work of day laborers? “They may wonder why there has been no progress in the country for 30 years. The reason is that the president must be involved everywhere for PR purposes. And so in the media, they say that the president has not enough time. While the citizens in the country are in trouble due to a lack of governance, and the youth are leaving in record numbers from the country, the president is too busy to engage himself in those issues. So, he chose to be called a hard laborer rather than an incompetent president.

Simply to illustrate to what extent construction work is difficult, let us take an example of the reason why it requires rigorous training and particular skills:

The reason why in-depth knowledge is necessary when constructing a building, dam, or reservoir is that there are many things that a non-professional cannot easily understand. This can’t be done because a man considers himself an engineer and wants to build a structure. It’s wrong to think that a dam is something that is built with a lot of concrete, and even a house is something that can be built with thick foundations and columns. Therefore, the job requires many years of rigorous training.

For example, when a reservoir is constructed, its design contains many elements that the average person can’t easily understand. They are difficult even for the professionals themselves. To name but a few, it is important to know the number of users or how many people will use the reservoir’s drinking water. Next, what is the size of the pipe we need to build the network, what is the amount of water we need, and what is the height of the tank in meters? What is the water pressure on the tank and pipes, what should be the thickness of the tank walls, and other important features will also be included. Plus, how many days does the water stay in the tank? A study shows that if water stays inside the tank for more than three days, it’s not healthy. Because bacteria can easily multiply inside the container. During design, the water distribution center should be filled with fresh water within three days. Consequently, the design must include these as well as other important considerations. Adi Halo can be handy for taking a selfie and doing public relations promotions. However, achieving sustainable and socially useful work can’t be done with just a desire; you have to have concrete knowledge to build dams. For example, take the Renaissance Dam, while Ethiopia has many experienced engineers, the work was entrusted to contractor Salini, because a contractor with many years of experience can execute the work with care and guarantee of solidity.

This guy is known for his inability to meet the expectations of the citizens after holding this position for the last 30 years. It is therefore impossible to do an effective job by participating in engineering activities of which he has no knowledge. In fact, he’d rather be a Minewale than an incompetent president.



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